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Earn Rewards

1st Post

$25 Amazon Gift Card or

Free bonoch OK-to-Wake Clock

2nd Post

$35 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Post

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Bonus Rewards

We love seeing our community shine! If your content is selected to be featured on our official website, you'll earn more than just bragging rights. As a token of our appreciation, we'll reward you with an additional $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Ready to show some love?

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  • No other baby monitors, though.
  • Make sure your account isn't a fresh one without any posts.
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  • For TikTok, tag us @bonochofficial in your caption.
  • Toss in #bonoch in your caption.

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You'll Shine if you can...

Post in High resolution

Get the perfect shot for your Instagram or TikTok posts! Use high-resolution photos/videos and make sure to capture them in good lighting.

Show off your product

Stand up and be seen with your bonoch! Be it the Baby Monitor, the OK-to-Wake Clock, or another of our fantastic products. Tag us, @bonochofficial on Instagram or TikTok, and make your statement!

Give a nod to us

We're hell-bent on building stuff to tame the parental mayhem, freeing you up to tackle life's wild side. Got some bonoch love? Flash it on social and show how our gear has gifted you a chill zone.

Be creative on themes

Unbox your bonoch. Discover. Feel. Live. Highlight what you adore. Your creativity? We're all in, and we're stoked to see it in action.

  • FAQs
  • Terms

How do I ensure my post is valid?

To ensure maximum visibility and compliance, please post from a public account, mention @bonochofficial on either TikTok or Instagram, closely follow the post guidelines listed above, and strictly uphold the Terms of our platform.

How to get rewarded?

Unlock rewards by signing up on this page, tagging or mentioning @bonochofficial on Instagram or TikTok. Post approval triggers an email to your registered address within 7 working days.

When will I receive rewards?

Participants are selected at random from the pool. We strive to make the selection process as fair and impartial as possible, but we also recognize the importance of rewarding participants who consistently provide exceptional feedback.

How can I use my reward?

Once your post is approved, you can expect to receive your rewards within 7 business days.

Can I get rewarded by posting on other social platforms?

Rewards are offered only for Instagram and TikTok at this time, although sharing on other social platforms is highly encouraged.

Are Instagram Stories or Reels eligible for rewards?

You know we absolutely love seeing how you use our products on Instagram. But for now, we're focusing our rewards on the content you post on Instagram Reels.

So, if you've been thinking about posting on Instagram Stories, hold that thought! At the moment, we're not able to offer rewards for Stories. But don't worry, your Reels are going to shine even brighter!

Is this program available to customers outside the United States?

Currently, the bonoch Social Rewards Club is available to U.S. customers only. We are working on expanding it to other regions, so stay tuned!

What can I do if I have questions about the program?

Don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@bonoch.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

Terms & policies

  1. In order to be considered for rewards, you need to register on this specific page and comply with the above rules.
  2. Be aware that bonoch might use member content for marketing.
  3. The company also reserves the right to modify the rewards program as needed.
  4. Eligibility for rewards will be determined based on the quality of content and adherence to bonoch's brand guidelines.
  5. Be advised that the rewards and rules may change.
  6. Limitations on monthly rewards may be imposed.