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bonoch Electric Breast Pump - bonoch

Free Hands To Embrace Your Little One. It has 3 modes (massage/suction mixed) and 9 suction levels from 30 to 315mm HG to meet different needs.

- Friendly for Multiple Sizes. We offer you 26mm flanges, extra flange inserts of 19mm/22mm, and adjustable shoulder straps. The pumps can work for 15mm-24mm nipple size breasts. 

- Extra Long Battery Life. The battery capacity is 1100mAh, which can be used for 120 minutes (3-9 times) after being fully charged. 

- Leak-Proof and Detachable Design. The electric breast pump comes with anti-backflow and leak-proof components like valves, silicone stoppers, and diaphragms.

- Safe and Trustworthy. It is made of soft food-grade silicone with good ductility, which perfectly fits your delicate skin. You'll get a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support from our friendly customer service.

It's easy to providing breast milk, don't push yourself so hard.

Based on FDA's suggestion, if you want to maintain or increase your milk supply, relieve your engorged breasts and plugged milk ducts, or pull out flat or inverted nipples so your nursing baby can latch on more easily, you can try breast pump, like bonoch.

From the perspective of those who have experienced it, breastfeeding for the first time is very painful (of course, everyone has different perceptions of pain). The nipples will crack many times, and before they are fully healed, they have to face the next feeding and crack again. So the breast pump has greatly liberated my psychological pressure on breastfeeding.

√ FDA Cleared

√ BPA Free

√ Cordless

√ Food-grade Silicone

√ Skin-friendly

√ Soft Touch

“ It gives me the ability to multitask so that I am being more efficient And it doesn't take time away from the things I need to get done. It is helping me be much more successful with pumping and breastfeeding and I love that!”

Stacy Rect

Enjoy Comfy and Productive Breastfeeding

  • The matt petaloid flange design avoids milk flowing down.
  • Wrap around your breast with micro-shock for more milk secretion.



Various Functions for Individual Needs

Clear Status Display at a Glance

  • Memory function;
  • Auto 30-min timed shut down;
  • Gentle touch to avoid pumps falling off.

No Worries About Going Out

  • Dust caps included;
  • Fully closed leak-proof structure;
  • No tangled cord;
  • Lightweight and easy-to-grip.

Every Detail Designed for Better Use

Choose the Best Fit with Included Measurement Card


Keep upper body upright to ensure accuracy.


Measure your nipple size with the hole of the card.


Find the correct flange size according to your nipple size.


Confirm the flange is the perfect fit.

How to Assemble the Breast Pump?

How To Pour The Breastmilk?

Questions? Look Here!

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After using it for a while, the suction power has deteriorated, or there is no suction power.

  • The duckbill valve needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly.
  • During the pumping process, the contact between the collector cup and the flange is not sealed, and air leakage will affect the suction power.
  • The battery is low, or running out of battery immediately. Observe the battery status and charge it in time.
  • Insuffcient milk secretion, breast blockage, or other reasons, it is recommended to consult medical help in time.

What to do if the pumping is itching or painful?

Choosing the correct the flange size of the breast pump is very important. There is a nipple measurement card, you should measure your nipples before use. If the flange size does not match the nipple, or the suction of the breast pump is too strong, which may cause damage to the nipple. This is because the breast pump presses on the nipple when pumping milk, itching and pain may occur in some cases.