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bonoch Long Range Secure Baby Monitor - bonoch


When have two children, or have multi-scene monitoring need, please check this one!
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  • 1-Year Warranty


bonoch builds long range baby monitors with encrypted technology and superior signal that go through your walls, but not your data privacy.

1. Full House Coverage - With the upgraded frequency solution of 900Mhz, the max distance is up to 1800ft proven in open space, the signal can go through walls and stories to get you a stable live stream from anywhere in your home. 

2. Record And Rewind Locally - The bonoch baby monitor supports auto/manual recording, video playback, and taking photos. 

3. No Worries From Day to Night - The 7800 mAh built-in battery lasts 40hrs in Eco mode and 15hrs in regular mode(with the screen always on). 

4. All For Your Security - The video monitor uses hackproof and encrypted close-loop transmission, no WiFi or apps are required, and everything is local and only visible to you. 

5. No Detail Is Spared - 5.5''+ dual 1080p (screen+camera) + 4x zoom in + pan 355° + Tilt 115° + 110° lens. 

    Long Range Covered

    With the upgraded frequency solution of 900Mhz, the max distance is up to 1800ft across in open space, the signal can go through walls and floors to get you a stable live stream from anywhere in your home. Additionally, you will receive a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support from our friendly customer service, please feel free to contact us if you have any issues.

    Your Privacy's Safety First, No-WiFi Monitoring

    No WiFi Needed

    Unlike other baby monitors that use Wi-Fi connections, bonoch mainly provides monitors with no internet connection. This means there is no risk of hacking or unauthorized access to your baby's room.

    FHSS System

    FHSS stands for Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum. It's a technology used in wireless communication to transmit data over radio waves.  This helps to prevent interference from other devices and improves the security of the transmission.

    Handshake Protocol

    The handshake protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-based system that aims to make the internet more secure by using a decentralized system instead of relying on a single authority.

    Encryption Algorithm

    Encryption algorithms are used to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data and to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    Treasure Your Memory Locally

    Micro SD Card Storage

    Well, we don't sell Micro SD Cards. You can purchase any Micro SD card you like at any capacity.

    It will cover files of auto recording mode from earliest date when the card storage is full. 


    For 10-12 days


    For 20-24 days


    For 40-48 days

    Take Videos & Pics, Video Playback

    YES!!! You can use our bonoch long range secure baby monitor to take pics! 
    It also supports auto video recording 24/7, as well as manual video recording.

    When you come back from a day's work, you can check out your baby's growth memory on the monitor at any time, without an app required.

    If your baby falls suddenly, you can also check the video to find out the reason behind it, so that you can decide whether you need to call your doctor.

    Ture & Dual 1080P, for both camera and monitor

    bonoch long range secure baby monitor offers 1080P resolution for both the camera and the monitor, providing you with crystal clear 1080P baby's images and videos. Unlike other monitors that only offer 1080P on one side, with bonoch, you can have a vivid life memory with nature color technology.

    A Brand You Can Trust

    Enjoy A Panoramic View Of Entire Room

    The 110° fisheye lens used on the bonoch long range secure baby monitor offers a wider field of view, captures more of the room in one shot, and gives a unique and innovative perspective. 

    The nightvision ring can provide a better night vision experience and reduce astigmatism in some situations.

    With PTZ Technology:

    Pan 355°/Tilt 115°/Zoom 2x&4x.

    Goodbye To Low Battery Anxie

    • USB-C  interface

    • 7800 mAh battery

    • 40hrs in ECO mode

    • 15hrs in regular mode

    Have A Sweet Dream, Like Long Long Before. 

    Has it been a long time since you had a child that you have had a good night's sleep?

    Now that your baby can finally sleep in a separate room, do you worry about how they'll sleep at night? Will they need your company? When you run to their room to check back and forth because of little sound, your sleep may be worse than before.

    Free yourself with a baby monitor with an auto night vision function.

    Don't worry, there is no annoying red-dot on the camera side; it will not disturb your baby's night sleep.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the monitor save videos without a Micro SD card?

    No, it can only support local storage with a Micro SD card.

    How long the local storage can record?

    It depends on the capacity of your Micro SD card, the duration is for your reference.
    32GB, 10-12 days.
    64GB, 20-24 days.
    128GB, 40-48 days.
    256GB, 88-96 days.

    Are there any privacy concerns?

    There is ZERO possibility of your privacy leaks. The connection is an encrypted close-loop with No WiFi or APP required. Everything is local and only visible to you.

    What's the max connection distance?

    In our test, the max distance is up to 1800ft proven in open space, and the signal can go through 8 walls or 3 stories inside a house. But it may vary on different house structures and wall thickness.