bonoch OK-to-Wake Clock

bonoch baby monitor - 7'', 720p

Instruction Manual

Download and view the product manual for detailed instructions on setting up your 7'' 720p bonoch baby monitor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the camera be installed on the ceiling?

Yes, you can install the camera on any place including the ceiling as long as you have the plug for the camera. You can find the installation instructions in the user manual.

Would this work in a camping scenario where there is no reception?

Yes, it will work as long as the camera is plugged into an outlet. The 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connection ensures a secure and smooth live-stream, no Wi-Fi connection or smartphone app required.

Will the zoomed-in video image be out of focus?

No, it will focus the image automatically even when zoomed in at 4x.

Can you customize the temperature levels at which it gives an alert?

Yes, you can customize the temperature alert levels from 33 ℉-104℉.

I know we can hear the baby cries but can we talk back to the baby?

Yes, you can talk to your baby by pressing the "microphone" button on the monitor.