bonoch Electric Breast Pumps

bonoch Electric Breast Pumps

Instruction Manual

Download and view the product manual for detailed instructions on setting up your bonoch Electric Breast Pumps.

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Is it loud?

For different people, the feelings about quietness may vary. The wearable pump is close to your ears, so it can't be totally silenced. We did lot of tests to reduce the noise the motor may make, and we ensure it is acceptable for most moms.

How long the battery lasts?

After a full charge it can last for 120 mins, which is about 3-9 times use. The breast pump will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of pumping. You can turn it on again if you have more needs. 

How much milk does it hold?

It can hold up to 6 oz (180ml), and 5.3 oz (150ml) is the line on the collector cup, which is the recommended volume for your best use.

How am I supposed to pick the right flange size that fits?

A measurement card is included in the package. And you can use it to confirm which flange is your fit.

Do the charging cable and extra parts come with this pump?

Yes. This pump comes with 2 USB-C cables and other extra parts.

What you can get:
2* pump motor, 2* milk collection cup, 2* duckbill value, 2* diaphragm, 2* dust cap, 2* flange, 4* flange insert, 2* USB C cable, 2* stopper, 2* shoulder strap, 1* measurement card, 1* user manual.

Poor suction/no suction

1. There is a problem with the duckbill valve, it needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly, and it is recommended to replace it once every 3 months.

2. During the pumping process, the contact between the cup and the breast are not sealed, and air leakage will affect the suction power. Wear the product correctly according to the instructions.  Here is the assembly video for your reference:

3. The battery is low, or running out of battery immediately. Observe the battery status and charge it in time.

4. Insufficient milk secretion, breast blockage, or other reasons, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time.

5. You have used the same gear for a long time, and have got used to the suction of this gear. You may try adjusting the gear appropriately.

Pumping is painful

If the breast pump flange size doesn't fit the nipple correctly, or if the suction level is too high, it could harm the nipple. This happens because the breast pump consistently compresses the nipple during milk extraction. Over time, this can damage the local soft tissue, leading to swelling. Mild symptoms may include itching and pain, while more severe reactions could result in nipple ulcers and fluid discharge.

It's essential to select the correct flange size for comfort and efficiency. The warranty card also serves as a nipple measurement tool. We recommend measuring your nipples before use to ensure you pick the right size for you.

Milk Leakage

1. Selecting the correct flange size is key to prevent air leakage and milk spills.

2. Double-check that the pump is assembled correctly to minimize the risk of leaking.