Ice-touch technology makes the hair removal drop to 10°C before touching the skin, cooling function area reaches 3.5cm², makes you painless


Power will be cut off automatically when it's up to 40℃, which can prevent your skin from getting burned


With the smart skin sensor, this hair removal only flashes when your skin is fully contacted with the device. It can effectively prevent the light from flashing into your fragile part like eyes.

How To Use bonoch IPL Hair Removal?

How To Use It On Different Parts Of Your Body?


why not suitable for black/deep brown skin & people with light blonde or red hair?

IPL light can be absorbed by the melanin and generate heat energy, destroy the hair follicles, and obtain the effect of hair removal. Therefore, deep skin tones may face risk of skin damage and discoloration. Light hair color may not see effective.

how long does it take to be effective?

Basically about 4-8 weeks, you could feel the hair growth condition gets slower or stopped under the premise of using this product correctly. But the specific effect is affected by the individual's constitution.

why do we choose to remove hair in winter?

1. Cover the hair removal cycle, complete before spring and summer, and get ready for the summer!

2. No sun protection is required to protect the skin recovery after hair removal.

3. The UV are weaker, beautifies the skin while removing hair.

How frequently should i use this?

You can use it 2-3 times per week for first 4 weeks. For weeks 5-6, you can use it 1-2 times a week. For weeks 7-8, once a week. If there are still small hairs that occasionally grow in the follow-up, you can use it once every 2 months.

Which energy level is you would recommend?

There's no common solution for everyone. We recommend you start with the first level and increase it step by step. Before increasing the level, please use it on your arm or leg to test if you can tolerate it or not.

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