bonoch Baby Monitor offers the reassurance without the risk of startling your little one and will save you a lot of legwork.


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bonoch Baby Monitor

More rest, less stress.

720p Camera | 355° pan, 120° tilt | Night Vision



We know the fears.

We totally understand first-time parents' minds will always be flooded with unrealistic illusions, such as loose swaddling or trapped limbs, poor-quality baby toys, or even a sudden visit from a raccoon. 🦝

That's why we built this hacker-proof and easy-to-use baby monitor. It's hard enough for parents these days: embracing new identities, taking care of families while tackling their jobs. We sincerely hope that modern technologies can help these parents cope with all these challenges.

Big screen, big smile.

Enjoy sharp, crisp images on this large 5'' HD display.

Take a closer look.

720p HD camera with 4x zoom in.

Every corner covered.

Pan 355° and tilt 120° to capture the whole nursery.

Crisp nighttime checkups.

Super NightVision allows you to see your little one clearly at night..

All eyes and ears.

The screen wakes up when it detects sounds from your little one.

When you're needed, know instantly.

1,000ft coverage.

Stable connectivity with wireless coverage of up to 1,000ft.

Keep a close eye from anywhere in your home. 

No Wi-Fi glitches and privacy breaches.

Works without Wi-Fi connection. No apps required, and no video files will be saved.

Reassure your darling with your voice.

Real-time room temperature monitoring.

Built-in soothing lullabies.

Our Happy Customers

“Everything you could want in a baby monitor! The video and sound quality are great during both the day and night times. Room temp monitoring, handheld if you want it to be, 2-way sound, volume and brightness adjustable. It’s honestly the greatest and it doesn’t break the bank! I would HIGHLY recommend.”

Kylie Walsh

"Mounted this to grip using a gopro camera mount and extended arm. Screen quality is good both during the day and at night. Using the screen on and off during the day for a few seconds of screen time we still have 80% battery life at the end of the day. Range is good and we are able to walk outside about 50ft from the camera."

Brent H.

"We purchased the Owlet camera thinking it would be easier to have everything all in one. Was very disappointed with it. This is FABULOUS! Love having a monitor just for this instead of using my phone. I also love that it’s not connected to wifi because the picture is crystal clear and I can see my child’s respirations instead of a very pixilated view. Also setting up the camera was MUCH easier compared to the Owlet camera. It came already paired with the monitor so all we did was plug in the camera. Well worth the money!"

James Trey Cashion

What's inside the box:

  • Parent unit (LCD display) x1
  • Baby unit (Camera) x1
  • AC power adapter x2
  • Wall mount shim x1
  • User manual x1



Can the camera be install on the ceiling?

Yes, you can install the camera on any place including the ceiling as long as you have the plug for the camera. You can find the installation instructions in the user manual.

Would this work in a camping scenario where there is no reception?

Yes, it will work as long as the camera is plugged into an outlet. The 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connection ensures a secure and smooth live-stream, no Wi-Fi connection or smartphone app required.

Will the zoomed-in video image be out of focus?

No, it will focus the image automatically even when zoomed in at 4x.

Can you customize the temperature levels at which it gives an alert?

Yes, you can customize the temperature alert levels from 33 ℉-104℉.

I know we can hear the baby cries but can we talk back to the babY?

Yes, you can talk to your baby by pressing the "microphone" button on the monitor.